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Tumbling Classes-6+yrs

Stars Gymnastics Tumbling Classes are for those athletes looking to focus primarily on the tumbling aspect. These tumbling classes are taught on the floor exercise, trampoline and tumble track. Our tumbling classes are separated by skill level and divided into three groups; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

  • Beginning Tumbling is a 55 minute class that introduces the foundation of tumbling through beginning progressions on floor and trampoline. This is a co-ed class.
  • Intermediate Tumbling is a 55 min class that builds on skills from Beginning tumbling students that will focus on Round-offs, front and back handsprings with proper form. 
  • Advanced Tumbling  is an 85 minute class that will focus on achieving tumbling skills in succession while adding salto skills. Students must be able to do front and back handsprings unassisted and round-off back handsprings with minimal spot to enroll.

Ninja Co-ed is a 55 minute agility class that combines the coordination from gymnastics and the strength & agility from obstacle course training. Students will learn how to move using a combination of rolls, flips, jumps and most of all creativity.  


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